We do Thermally Modified Wood
At Thermo+ we produce and supply premium quality, high-grade thermally modified wood. We handpick the most beautiful lumber - and make it the most durable, via a patented Thermal Modification Process.
Why TMW?
It has been more than eight years since we first saw what was to become the future of how people treat and enjoy wood. More than five has passed since we started its production, and yet each year we are more certain than ever: Thermal modification is the only viable way of ecologically preserving wood, both hard and soft.
How we fit into the picture
If premium wood is what you are after, we are here to help you. We provide a semi-finished or finished product, dress board or decking, for example, for your installation or further processing.
The ecological choice of beauty.
Working with wood has always been a pleasure. Working with beautiful, long lasting, replenishable wood, that you know has been produced ecologically is beyond pleasure. Much of our equipment, including the drying kilns, is powered by solid fuel boilers running on wood waste that comes off from our processing. Needless to say, that the actual product is 100% natural, and more - many of the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) found in dried wood are dispersed during Thermo-Modification.
Too good to be true? See for yourself.
For many of our new clients who have worked with wood before, it is often hard to believe all the advantages that Thermal Modification can give. In fact, if it weren't for the quality and sheer beauty of our products, we would long be broke, so much is the convincing we have to do to our new clients. We therefore invite you to get at all your doubts by arranging with us for some samples to do all the testing you need. Contact us
110% Chemical free

Living in a city, most people are overwhelmed with pollution that is brought upon them. Many people are becoming allergic and are seeking a lifestyle that is closer to the nature. We are happy to be able to provide them with a product that is 100% natural, and more. Research has found that many of the volatile organic compounds (VOC's) found in dried wood are dispersed during Thermo-Modification.